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Repair Works

Typical repair work may include:

Mattress (belt) replacement - Either full belt removal to allow for repair works to be carried out to the skid or roller or new connected to the old for minimal downtime.

  • Roller replacement - We can replace any roller on the lehr from the Charge roll to the Drive Drum roller.
  • Bearings replacement - From our information/records we can often supply the bearings required with only basic information from the customer.
  • Internals - From complete skid frames to wear flats and skid bars, we can supply and install as required. For SAS & Leerco lehrs we can also supply new muffles and most other items that may be required for a major repair.
  • Burner Tubes / Deflectors - High quality stainless steel tubes or deflectors can be supplied to suit all applications.
  • Drives - Drive Drums: Removal/installation and re-rubberising with differing types of rubber to suit either single or double drive drums. Gearboxes: Removal and refurbishment of the gearbox (or supplying of new). Drives: Sprockets & Chains are supplied/fitted to suit individual lehrs, as required. Drives: Spur gears supplied fitted.
  • Wiring - Full or partial re-wiring of the electrical control system.
  • Instrument Calibration - Calibration of instruments to ensure the parameters are correct.
  • Heating Element replacement - Elements can be supplied/fitted to suit most requirements, in the case of the elements between the belts been damaged, then the belt can be split in order to gain access.

  • Drive Refurbishment

  • Mould Oven Refurbishment
                  Original Oven
          Mechanical Overhaul
 Electrical Panel c/w new Heating Elements

  • Mould Oven Gas Burner System Compliance Upgrade
        Control Panel - Original
      Control Panel - Upgrade
    Existing Gas Burner System
   New Package Burner Upgrade

  • Burner repair works - Typical burners worked upon – Comtherm, Eclipes, Nu-way, Hawke, Ace. Burner failure repairs using the customers spare parts. Flame Probe/Electrode exchange (see spares).


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